Choosing a Piano Moving and Storage Company

A piano is arguably the most sophisticated musical instrument ever made. It is loved by many and admired by the greatest musicians. Anyone who loves music must appreciate this instrument. Its prices vary, from relatively affordable pieces to very expensive models. They are big and complicated instruments with many parts. Most of them are mostly heavy and delicate, which necessitates great care and planning when moving or storing them. With the various occasions and concerts where they feature in the performances, it becomes even more important to have professionals handle their constant moving from one venue to the next, and for their storage during breaks or low seasons.

A good company is one that understands the value of the piano being moved. Its value is not only monetary but represented by the sentimental attachment of the owner as well as the experience the audience enjoys when it is played. The company should undertake to professionally handle the instrument in a manner that ensures all its qualities are maintained. They shall follow the right procedure in packing, loading, transporting, offloading and unpacking it, to ensure minimal chances of any damage.
During the moving and storage of the piano, a good Sacramento Piano Moving company will have the proper equipment to carry out the job. They will have the right box and good hoisting and lifting tools to load and unload it. They shall also pad it properly to ensure no damage to the keyboard and cords. The moving trucks and storage facilities should be climate controlled, to ensure the optimal working of the instrument upon delivery, as humidity fluctuations and other elements affect the wood in the piano, resulting in off tunes and poor sound production.

As part of the package, the moving company will have insurance for your prized instrument. Accidents may occur in any situation, and thus it is prudent to confirm whether they have any, just in case. They should also offer tuning services in case the piano is stored for a long time between use, or if there are humidity differences between the locations and as seasons change, for optimal performance. This means they will have qualified technicians to handle such tasks. Not just anyone should be allowed to work on it.

An established piano moving, storage and Piano Consignment company should offer extra services such as piano restoring, renting, disposal, repair, and appraisal. You should be satisfied with their answers when you approach them with any questions relating to pianos. This should give you the confidence necessary to trust them with your precious instrument, as well as taking their advice about your piano.